Our Story

Our Mission

To promote good sportsmanship and social friendship among lady golfers of all nationalities living in Hong Kong.

HKCLGA also endeavor to make the game of golf more easily accessible and enjoyable, especially to young and inexperienced members.

Our Story

The Hong Kong Chinese Lady Golfers Association is a non-profit-making organization established in June 1993.

The association has come a long way since its humble beginning when eight “founding members” had their first meeting.

Throughout the years, we have organized numerous tournaments in Hong Kong, China and overseas.

about_p03Our monthly gatherings for beginners at the Deep Water Bay Golf and Country Club were very popular with members who have just taken up the game. Seminars are held periodically to highlight the rules of the game, the observance of good etiquette, health and safety precautions to be heeded and other important aspects of golf.

HKCLGA’s annual dinners are quite often fund-raising events as well as evenings of fun and glamour, particularly from our exquisitely dressed ladies and their handsome partners. Entertainment is usually provided by guest performers as well as from our very own talented members.

Our Milestone

The following are some important milestones in our association’s history:
To show support for our mainland golfing friends, members initiated a collection of used golf equipment in 1994. These were delivered across the border on many occasions in the following three years.

In June 1995, Mr. Albert Au composed the association’s theme song “1,2,3,4 Swing”.
The Junior Golf Foundation was set up in 1996 to support, nurture and promote young golfing talents. Junior boys have been admitted as members since 2001.

Our own HKCLGA office was opened in September 1997.

In May 2001, two separate branches, the Hong Kong Lady Professional Golfers Association (HKLPGA) and the Hong Kong Lady Amateur Golfers Association (HKLAGA) were formed to differentiate between our professional and amateur members.